A sprayed behind is a clean behind Be Clean, Green, and Save Green at the Same Time!

A sprayed behind is a clean behind Be Clean, Green, and Save Green at the Same Time!

               Hygiene, From the Dark Ages to the Modern Era                                                                         

             Why is that sometimes advances in technology happen so rapidly and other times at a snails pace? After fantastic advances in personal hygiene with the advent of modern plumbing and the western style toilet this genre of personal bathroom fixtures and features has seen little change.


Oh sure you can get cooler shower heads and faucets that turn on when you hold your hands under them but the basic function is still the same. Until now. Now there is the Bathroom Sprayer, or Hand Held Bidet Sprayer as some call it. Once more we leap forward into the future with a superior technology and results that must be experienced to be appreciated.


How is it that wadded up handfuls of Toilet Paper have lasted so long? Everyone knows they need to be clean but how do you accomplish this? Let’s see, you can climb up on the sink and use the faucet there or you can get in the shower and get wet all over. Also more and more people are using wet wipes/baby wipes but although "flushable" these don't break down in the sewers like Toilet Paper does and are causing very expensive clogs, but they just keep on flushing!


Or you can use the Hand Held Bidet Sprayer and not only do you eliminate the need for acrobatics and of removing all your clothes to keep them from getting splashed but you also don’t need to use soap which can cause irritation of the sensitive skin there, especially if you find you need to go often because of that burrito you ate at lunch. With the sprayer you will be clean and you can pat yourself dry with minimum Toilet Paper or a small towel.


Women will love it when they have their periods and can clean themselves so quickly and easily. It’s simply so much better in every way and every situation it makes no sense not to have one. Not when it costs under $50.00 and you can install it yourself! And children will find it’s fun to get clean when they use the Toilet Sprayer. This is an idea who’s time has come.